UK Caravan Talk Awards

If you’re a caravan fanatic, then you may have come across Caravan Talk online. Caravan Talk is a UK based caravan forum which is dedicated to those who love to holiday in by caravan around the UK and Europe.

One of the great features of Caravan Talk is their online ‘Caravan Talk Awards’ which picks out the best of the caravan industry, and is decided by votes cast by you, the public.

Caravan Talk Awards

The Caravan Talk Awards are decided by votes case entirely by the UK’s caravan community, from the initial nominations to the final caravan champions. This is a truly level playing field with the finalists and winners being chosen for their merits by a large and independent caravan community, creating a credible and tangible set of results which are unequalled anywhere else.

The nominations run throughout the UK caravan seasons, with the finalists and winners being declared at the end of the year.

Win A Caravan Cleaning Kit

For those people who wish to contribute to the caravan awards, if you submit your nominations before 12 noon on the 14th May you could be in with a chance of winning a Care-avan Caravan Cleaning Kit worth £29.99.


Win A Caravan Cleaning Kit

Thes Caravan Talk Awards will be a great opportunity to have your say. They need as many people as they possibly can, who are involved in the caravan world to make their choices and explain why.

There is no doubt that the great caravan community of Britain will lend their full support to the Caravan Talk Awards, but you can make a difference, so if you aren’t already a member sign up now and have your say.

To make your recommendations for the Caravan Talk Awards 2012 visit the voting forum, find the category you want to make a recommendation for and make a post. Your post will be published for everyone to see, but you may only discuss and debate votes in the Awards section.

Please include the name of your nomination and as much detail as you can, images are gratefully accepted. If you make a mistake just resubmit your entry and we’ll delete the first one, though please indicate that it’s a second entry.

Cast your vote for the Caravan Talk Awards 2012.

Once the nominations have closed and the finalists have been decided Caravan Talk may use some of your comments as testimonials on the finalist pages. All entries may be published and used in the results.

If you have any questions pleasejoin the forum and contact Ben through the mesaging facility.

Article by Simon Lucas

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