Touring Caravan Insurance

Taking care of your Caravan

Taking care of your Caravan

If you own a caravan and take it out on the road, then you know how accidents can and sometimes will happen. Hopefully, if you’re a careful and sensible driver you can avoid serious mishaps, but even the most experienced driver can get into scrapes which can sometimes leave your caravan damaged.

Like most vehicles, caravans can be insured to protect against such occasional accidents. One of the better known caravan insurance providers is ‘The Caravan Club’.

The Caravan Club first launched their insurance scheme back in 1972. It was designed by members, for members, which meant it was specifically tailored for caravanners. The additional benefit of people who use this type of insurance is that profits from surplus is reinvested back into the Club which allows The Caravan Club to make improvements to the services their members receive, so that’s classed as a win-win.

The Caravan Club offers their members a high quality insurance package for touring caravans, and the premiums are considered to be competitive in the caravan insurance market. Obviously it’s worth shopping around for insurance on your caravan but one thing to remember is that cheapest is not always best and if you value your pride and joy you will want peace of mind that if anything goes wrong, you’re insured with a reputable and professional company who understand the importance of offering good service when it comes to protecting your caravan.

Some of the features you should look out for when insuring your caravan include:

  • Comprehensive cover on or off the road
  • Cover for contents & equipment
  • Transportation and recovery expenses
  • Vehicle hire expenses
  • Rail fares for your family to return home
  • Expenses to cover your outfit and get your party home, should the main driver fall ill and be unable to drive
  • Use by family and friends
  • Automatic listing on Theftcheck register
  • No policy excess
  • Caravanners Legal Protection (usually optional)

So if you own a caravan and use it for your holidays, take the time to insure it with a reputable company!

Article by Simon Lucas.

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