‘Study Break’ in Edinburgh‘Study Break’ in Edinburgh

With exams quickly approaching and deadlines looming I decided to quickly and effectively solve all my problems by doing the responsible thing: going on a study break. Why Scotland? It is a well known fact that Scottish weather is ‘freezing’ at best, and it does take a few hours to get on the train. But, I can wholeheartedly say that a trip to the Scottish capital is worth taking a couple of extra layers.

We began the trip by taking a short stroll down Prince’s Street to The Principal Hotel, where we decided to stay. In short the Principal is a beautiful, comfortable place to stay with attentive staff and a complimentary treat box- just in case you need a bit of energy before you explore what Scotland has to offer.

In my case- being a self-confessed foodie- I was interested in trying out the ‘local cuisine’. So I visited The Rose Brewery, and sampled the Haggis, Neeps and Tatties along with a couple of the ‘authentic’ gins to get the full experience. Even though Haggis is, unsurprisingly, available throughout Scotland, I wanted to try a pub Haggis to see if you could get good quality Haggis on a budget. And, if a country’s cuisine is only as good as its pub grub, then Scotland started strong.

If you’re inclined to do some sight-seeing in Edinburgh, a trip to Edinburgh Castle is a staple of any trip to the north, as it boasts incredible views of the Old and New Town. Alternatively pop to the RSA for an afternoon of culture, as the gallery holds an impressive collection including examples from Botticelli and Lucas Cranach the Elder. Or, if you would rather appreciate Scotland from the comfort of a department store I wouldn’t blame you- but I would recommend Jenner’s on Prince’s Street if you wanted to stock up on shortbread, and tartan.

Whilst I managed to experience a lot of Edinburgh’s attractions over the course of a couple of days, I would wholeheartedly say that no trip is complete without a visit to the Witchery.

No, I’m not endorsing witch-craft.

The Witchery Restaurant by the Castle is a fantastic gothic restaurant that makes you feel a little bit superstitious as soon as you walk through the door. The entire place glows with candlelight, and creates a relaxing atmosphere for you to enjoy good quality food. Even though it is rather pricey you would have to use black magic to keep me from visiting again.

Whilst it may not seem like the easiest way of tackling exam stress, a Scottish weekend break leaves you feeling refreshed, with a new outlook and a stomach full of shortbread.

Article by University of Birmingham student Isabelle Jones for Blog About Holidays

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