Holiday Weddings: A Few Perfect Locations from around the World

Weddings Abroad

Weddings Abroad

Our weddings and our honeymoons are two great and momentous occasions. However in this financial climate, not everyone can afford to go all out on both. One way of tackling this problem is by shrewdly combining the two and having our weddings abroad. Here are a few locations where a couple could do just that.

Fethiye Turkey

Few places in the world combine real traditional authentic culture with a Western modernity better than Turkey. The qualities that make Fethiye stand out as best for a wedding amongst other better known Turkish locations, are the natural picturesque sceneries and subsequently the strong air of romanticism imbedded into the place.

The serene and tranquil nature of Fethiye must also be valued as ideal for a wedding. Rather than the hustling and bustling of cities such as Istanbul, Fethiye is incredibly relaxing and personal. In fact, it is this quality that adds strongly to the air of romanticism.
However, what’s best about Fethiye is that it isn’t too quiet. Vibrant enough to be entertaining rather than boring and tranquil enough to be intimate, it is pretty much the ideal wedding location.

Flights to Fethiye are cheap too at just over a hundred pounds (to the nearest airport Dalaman) if booked early. Living costs are also considerably less than in other more popular parts of Turkey such as Istanbul.

Lamu Kenya

Weddings are a symbol of true love. Furthermore, true love is a natural phenomenon, an occurrence that has existed since humans first graced this Earth (and before if you’re a believer in Adam and Eve). Therefore, an ideal location ought to represent the natural essence of life.

A small island off the coast of Kenya, Lamu is an embodiment of the raw spirit of human love. A place with no cars (there is only one belonging to a local minister and that is hardly ever driven), and an ancient design and feel, visiting Lamu is akin to going back in time.
If you want to completely celebrate your wedding away from the artificialness of the modern world, Lamu is perfect for you.

Home Holiday

UK Weddings

UK Weddings

Of course, considering the mild austerity in Britain and post economic recession, times are so hard that some of us can’t even afford to go on holiday for their wedding. The alternative to that is therefore a home holiday, which considering the superb locations the United Kingdom has to offer, is a rather fantastic alternative.

Of course, London is a top place to have a wedding, being one of the world’s greatest cities. The city boasts a delightful range of incredible wedding locations.

Kempton Park, just on the periphery of London is a brilliant location. A world renowned horseracing ground, that’s also a wedding venue, it is ideal for the sports enthusiast. They offer weddings for a variety of cultures too (check their Asian wedding offers here:

It may get a little bit chilly but the picturesque scenery offered in parts of Scotland such as Gairloch provide awe-inspiring and romantic natural wonders, at destinations conveniently close to home.

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