Holiday Checklist


Don't Forget Your Passport

Don’t Forget Your Passport

Holiday Check List – 5 Things to do before Going on Holiday

The prospect of a well-earned holiday is an exciting thought, but caught up that excitement are some essential things you should do before going on holiday. Some are simple things that will help you have a smooth transition from here to there, while others are essential actions that you cannot overlook. It’s easy to forget even the most vital, so here’s our holiday checklist of the five things you need to do before going on holiday:

  • Make sure all the family’s passports are up to date; it’s easy to overlook this one and it causes many a heartache at ports and airports all the time. Make sure you check well in advance in case a child needs theirs renewing.
  • Make sure you have the house secured, looked after and – as much as possible – not obviously empty; cancel the papers and the milk, ask a friend to come around and open and close curtains, use timer switches to turn on lights. Also, check that all appliances have been switched off where necessary, and leave a key with a trusted neighbour along with a contact number.


  • Ensure that all the family are up to date with any necessary vaccinations; this should be carried out at the recommended time, and your travel agent will be able to advise you here. Also, if you have a child who is ill when approaching travel time, check that he or she is still allowed to travel – some illnesses preclude overseas travel.
  • Make arrangements for pets; this may sound obvious but many people – in the turmoil and excitement of getting ready to go – forget that the fish needs feeding! If you have cats or dogs they may need to be put into kennels, but it is less stressful for them if they can stay at home and someone can be found to feed them every day and let them in and out.
  • Finally, make sure you have arranged adequate insurance; there are many reasons why you should do so as treatment for broken bones or illness abroad can be expensive. An experienced company such as can arrange all your insurance for you, including insurance for European countries, the USA, group travel and specialist ski insurance.

So, if you have covered all the above, done your packing and made sure your tickets and passports are in a handy place, you are ready to go! Enjoy your holiday, you deserve it!

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