Hiking in The Great Outdoors

Kinder from Back Tor

Kinder from Back Tor

Hiking is a popular pastime for tens of thousands of people throughout the world, it’s a great way to see the sights when on holiday or even just for a day out.

It’s a great way to keep fit but without the impact injuries and long term damage associated with running. People of all ages and abilities can go hiking and there are well mapped hiking routes and maps which you can buy to help you on your way.

Hikers and walkers are  a breed of their own and consider life outdoors to be a second home, often found out on hillsides or up mountains, deep in woodland or along river valleys, hiking is big business and the equipment that goes with it is an industry in itself.

A great deal of preparation needs to take place when hiking in areas where the weather can suddenly change and some hiking routes can be extremely dangerous to the less experienced hikers and walkers. Each year, areas such as the Lake District in northern England is home to dramatic rescues when people fall victim to severe changeable weather, so great care should always be taken when embarking on a new trek or adventure.

With so many routes across the world, where does one start to look when planning a new hiking trip? Well one very informative and inspirational website is the HikingBlog.co.uk.

Hiking Blog features many great walks and hiking routes with useful tips and information on previous hikes. You will find photos and blog posts on everything  pertaining to hiking, wild camping and climbing in the Great British Outdoors.

There’s even a facebook page and twitter account to join and follow. You’ll find info on campsites, accommodation, walking and hiking routes, camping equipment and much more.

So next time you’re considering where to go for your next hiking trip visit HikingBlog.co.uk

Article by Simon Lucas

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