Flying from Bristol or Cardiff

Bristol Aiport

Bristol Airport

When you consider booking your next holiday abroad, try thinking outside the box when it comes to where you fly from. Many people will simply choose the airport closest to them when searching for cheapest flights. Or they will only consider the largest and busiest airports from the drop down menu.

As of 2011 the UK’s busiest airports were London Heathrow, London Gatwick, Manchester Airport, London Stanstead, Luton Airport, Edinburgh Airport and Birmingham Airport. However, if you are prepared to go the extra mile, searching for UK flights from smaller airports can sometimes prove to be extremely rewarding.

Most people search the Internet for terms like “cheap flights”, or similar keywords which will bring up all the usual online booking companies. Some will also use Trip Advisor or Expedia which will do the searches for you.

Whilst this can be a good way to find the best deals, it is also worth looking at other cities or airports which may not have the same advertising power as the larger airports. For instance, the airports of Bristol and Cardiff are both easily accessible from the Midlands, South East, South West and Wales and both cities are served by major motorways such as the M5 and M4.

Cardiff Airport

Cardiff Airport

Flights from Cardiff and flights from Bristol will take travellers and holiday makers all over the world, you may be surprised with the destinations these airports serve.

Presently Cardiff Airport serves destinations across North America, South America, the UK, North, Central and Southern Africa, the Middle East, Central Asia including India, East and South East Asia including China, and many destinations across Europe. However, it’s worth remembering that some of these flights will not be direct.

Bristol Airport serves many connecting flights to similar destinations but also serves direct flights to Orlando in the U.S.A., Cancun in Mexico, all over the UK including Jersey and the Channel Islands, most of Europe and the Mediterranean, and North African destinations of Tunisia and Egypt.

Access to and from these smaller airports may be easier for some, and parking and navigating around a smaller airport may prove a less daunting experience for older travellers or those who prefer less “hustle and bustle”.

Security and service is no less important in smaller airports though, the Civil Aviation Authority have strict rules and regulations which are adhered to by all UK airports and regular safety checks mean that you should have an equally stress free flight from a smaller airport than that provided by a much busier airport.

Article by Simon Lucas.

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