Down Sleeping Bags

If you’re looking to buy a sleeping bag which is lightweight then there are a few things to consider before you start browsing online or through your local camping equipment store.

For serious campers who like to take some of the more challenging treks in harsher conditions, a down filled bag is the best lightweight sleeping bag.

Down Sleeping Bags

Down is a natural resource created and used by birds, when you consider the really cold temperatures which birds survive in then you’ll understand why down is so good for sleeping bag insulation.

A sleeping bag which is stuffed with down will offer more warmth and insulation than a cheaper synthetic sleeping bag. Down bags perform better at the same temperature than synthetic bags. A down bag will also be much lighter in weight, it will also compress down better for ease of travelling.

If you’re travelling long distances you really want something lightweight and small, a down bag will fulfill both those requirements.

Down sleeping bags go by season class and follow a set rating, however you should be aware that any health conditions you may need to be taken into consideration when choosing a season grade. There is one problem with down, it takes longer to dry out than synthetic sleeping bags so you’re going to need to make sure your tent is pretty good too.

Quality is rated in cubic inches and the actual quality of the down is what determines the thermal rating of the insulation. Support feathers act to keep the insulation aloft and this in turn helps to further retain the heat. The percentage of down to support feathers is measured and the higher the amount of down the better the insulation.

Synthetic sleeping bags can offer a lightweight option but they do not offer the same warmth as a dwon sleeping bag, so if you have the cash and are looking for a good quality lightweight and warm sleeping bag, it would be the down you’re looking for.

Article by Simon Lucas.

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