Czech Republic: Prague visitor review by Isabelle Jones

Czech Beer

Czech Beer

One of the first things that I was told as I stepped on to the bus after a short plane ride to Prague was that ‘the beer is cheaper than water over here. It’s a student paradise.’

Whilst they were not wrong- a bottle of water costs roughly £1, whereas the cheapest brand of beer is 80p per pint- it is almost wrong to just see Prague as a cheap getaway location for a quick break.

I was lucky enough to experience the sights and culture in Prague recently, and even though the trip was incredibly kind on my wallet, I can confidently say that the city is priceless.

We stayed in a small hotel called Oslanka, which was surrounded by small pubs and restaurants that serve cheap beer and traditional Czech dishes (Goulash, dumplings, and steak) and a tram stop.

One of the great things about Prague is the cheap and convenient trams, which run to all corners of the city, and make you feel like a local because, unlike the British public, they don’t really care for personal space!

Czech Republic Prague

Czech Republic Prague

Over the course of my trip I paced through the streets of Prague frantically checking my map and trying to make sure that I found my route, but I quickly learned that this isn’t the way that you want to experience the city.

In France they have a lovely word, ‘flaneur’, that translates roughly to ‘wanderer’, or someone who can just wander aimlessly throughout a city without a purpose; and, if you’re not trying to stick to a schedule, I’d seriously recommend trying this.

The streets are lined with colourful ornate buildings that make you feel as if you just stumbled upon a film set- which you can easily miss if you don’t take the time to look up!

Czech Republic Prague

Czech Republic Prague

But if you’re the kind of visitor who loves to be busy/ doesn’t have a lot of time in the city there are plenty of stops to tick off. Personally, I’d grab a Trdelnik, a small sweet tunnel shaped pastry often filled with cream and strawberries, and take a walk up to Prague Castle.*

The building is the largest ancient castle in the world currently, and if that doesn’t convince you the views will. Then take the time to find the famed ‘John Lennon’ wall- a symbol of rebellion and a passion for peace (as well as an excellent photo spot).

Or if you want to sample some of Prague’s nightlife head to one of the small cave bars, like Popo Café Petl, which offers you a cosy atmosphere while you sip on some of the strongest spirits in Europe.

Prague drew me in and gave me a taste of why it is such a popular destination- but left me wanting more. If you are looking for a beautiful city with a rich history and stunning (but chilly) sunshine book your trip as soon as possible.

*Even though the Trdelnik isn’t a necessary part of this step it definitely makes the walk easier.

Article by University of Birmingham student Isabelle Jones for Blog About Holidays

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