Celebrate a Great British Christmas

Hyde Park Winter Wonderland

Hyde Park Winter Wonderland

What could be better than staying at home this Christmas? Forget the plans to visit hot countries and spend the Yuletide season on the beach. The UK has some of the best winter activities that will make you want to embrace the cold weather. So pull on the hats and find a matching pair of woollen gloves as we list some of the great British events this season.

Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park

For just over 5 weeks, Hyde Park is transformed into a festive extravaganza to enthral all who enter. At free entry, you can take your time and even go back for seconds! The unique shopping opportunities and vast selections of warming food and drink can help a grumpy winter Scrooge find their Christmas cheer. Not only are there stalls, but events and rides too. One of the largest ice rinks in the UK is set up here from late November to early December, as well as a circus, the new ice and snow sculpture experience, and the Giant Observation Wheel. For families, couples, or those who just want a great day out this winter, Hyde Park should be on the destination list.

Reindeer Racing at Kempton Park

Finding the best place to have your company Christmas party can sometimes be a nightmare, but this year, why not suggest Kempton Park? Although it is well known for its race track, around Christmas they host a unique reindeer racing event. You can even hire it out privately, if you want to book more than 50 people, and have a great experience with your co-workers. The racing is followed by a three course meal and disco. This isn’t just limited to office workers – parties from just 10 people can be booked, which is perfect for groups of friends or families. There’s even the opportunity to see and touch the majestic creatures up close before they race.

Birmingham Christmas Markets

Birmingham Christmas Markets

Christmas Markets all over the UK

Generally the bigger the city, the better the market is. This is the same with the Christmas markets that are scattered over the UK during the season. Birmingham has what could be the biggest German-style markets outside of Germany and Austria, with all the bratwurst, bretzels and hot chocolate with rum to eat and drink. In Manchester, you put down a deposit of the mugs you drink your mulled wine from, and if you like it, you can keep it! Even towns, be they big or small, usually have some form of festive fair to celebrate the season.

Pop-Up Ice Rinks in a city near you

In any American film set in the winter, there will usually be a frozen lake where the local children can ice skate freely. Fortunately, the UK weather doesn’t drop to those kinds of temperatures, but that does mean that there’s a lack of frozen lakes. Instead, most city councils erect an ice skating rink for those who’ve always wanted to try it. In the city squares, these brilliant constructions are just like skating on a real ice, without the danger of a lake or river underneath. There may be some bumps and bruises from inexperienced skaters, but that’s all part of the fun.

Don’t be afraid of winter when it comes around. Wrapping up and getting into an activity is one way to keep warm this Christmas. If you do fancy a change of scenery, why not try out a colder country instead? Alaska, Norway, Iceland, or skiing in the Alps – there’s always plenty to do when to temperature drops.

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