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‘Study Break’ in Edinburgh‘Study Break’ in Edinburgh

With exams quickly approaching and deadlines looming I decided to quickly and effectively solve all my problems by doing the responsible thing: going on a study break. Why Scotland? It is a well known fact that Scottish weather is ‘freezing’ at best, and it does take a few hours to get on the train. But, […]

Backpacking for a week in Italy on a very tight budget

Have you always wanted to visit sunny Italy but you have sadly being put off by the staggering prices that characterise the Italian main cities during most of the year? Say no more, because below you will find how to travel to the country with the most charming accent in the world for around £350 […]

Have a go before you go 360° virtual reality app

Feeling stressed at work? Forget lounging on the beach, 75 per cent of Brits now say their key to stress release on holiday is getting active. And what better way than the fast paced thrill of skiing down the slopes or windsurfing in the sun? If you’re unsure whether skiing is for you, Neilson Active […]

Your Money: Cashing in on holiday currency

As you plan ahead to your holiday, flights and accommodation are not the only elements that need organising in advance. Planning where, and when, you get your holiday cash could save you money. Time is of the essence. The euro is currently at a seven-year low against the pound. In fact, in the last year […]