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Good Cycle Routes in Europe

Cycling is on the increase according to retail figures, and this is leading to many avid cycle enthusiasts looking for exciting new routes to explore. In the UK we have some truly beautiful scenery which is served by well established cycle routes. There are a myriad of cycling holidays in Scotland, Wales, Ireland and England. […]

Paying for a Holiday with a Loan

There is a school of thought that is very much against taking out a loan to pay for a holiday. I guess the thought process behind this is that you shouldn’t borrow for something that can’t re-sell later if you need to.  This is, of course, a laudable and sensible idea, but attitudes change with […]

Buying your holiday on a credit card

These days holidays don’t come cheap, whether you are holidaying abroad or at home here in the UK, the expenses soon stack up. You either need to have a good deal of savings or possibly a big enough overdraft, however, for many people buying your holiday on a credit card can be the best way. […]