Caravan Awnings

caravan awnings

caravan awnings

If you love caravanning but you get tired of the limited amount of space inside your caravan, motor-home or camper-van then fear not, a caravan awning will help the space hungry camper to maximise space.

Caravan awnings vary in cost but you can expect to pay at least £300 for a good one. Caravan awnings usually come as tall annex or standard annex, they can also be classed as porches, which are effectively the same thing only smaller than a full awning.

Awnings can be regarded as an additional large room latched onto your caravan, they offer great value for money and can be fitted to either side of your vehicle.

Weather Proof

Most decent quality awnings are weather proof, the roof of an awning is usually made of polyester with cotton sides. More expensive awnings are all-season grade. The material will be  extremely strong, easy to clean and waterproof. The material which the awning is made of will be coated polyester. Some awnings have protection against UV rays as well.

Windows & Doors

Awnings almost always come fitted with windows as well as a door. These are either roll down or zip up in design, some being both. Zip up doors and windows help to keep insects out, especially useful if it’s hot and you’re eating. If you require some extra ventilation then look out for awnings with a zip panel vent, especially useful for hot summer days.

Strong Design

These days most awnings are either steel framed or lightweight aluminium and consist of support poles which come as legs and rood supports. Some frames come with additional triangular bracing for extra strength, this is well worth the effort in windy conditions. It’s also worth considering a safe lock system kit to keep thieves out.

Awning Flooring

It’s always a good idea to have some flooring inside your awning. Flooring comes as either tiles or groundsheets. Groundsheets offer additional protection from wet conditions and bugs/insects. A good ground sheet will be breathable and they are usually sold by the metre.The breathable fabric also ensure the grass is not killed. A close weave will allow the air to circulate but also reduces insects, worms and worm casts from penetrating. Groundsheets are exceptionally hard-wearing, rot proof and should be UV stabilised. They are easy to clean with a simple hose down. For an extra touch of luxury you can consider investing in carpet for your awning which really will make your awning a home from home.

Awning Accessories

There are surprisingly plenty of accessories for caravan awnings. One of the most popular is the ‘inner awning’ which will effectively transform your awning into a tent attached to your caravan, motor-home or camper-van. This offers a zip and can be really useful if you have guests offering a bit more privacy.

Other accessories include the likes of pole suction pads and awning hangers made from tubing, making additional wardrobe space.

If you’re looking to maximise space on your next caravan trip or camper-van journey then an awning is really worth considering. in Chesterfield is a great place to look as they stock a wide range of caravan awnings.

Article by Simon Lucas

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