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caravan covers

caravan covers

Caravan and Motorhome covers are an essential piece of kit if you want to keep your pride and joy protected when not in use.

There are many Caravan Covers on the market, and while they are completely different to Motorhome Covers in shape and measurement, effectively they are all designed with similar features to do the same job which is protection from the elements.


Protecting From Water

Ideally, you will need to invest in a cover that is waterproof. British weather can be notoriously wet and damp, and this is not just during winter.

A waterproof cover will obviously protect your caravan or motorhome from wet conditions, it will also prevent weathering and a build up of mold and muddy grime.

Good quality covers not only keep the wet weather out, they are also breathable. “Air-Breathable” covers let water vapour escape, but will also prevent liquids penetrating and staining or weathering the shell of your caravan or motorhome.

Protecting From Heat

Hot weather can also be an enemy of the caravan and motorhome.

Some covers have extended UV protection, this is important for protection against ultra violet rays. The UV protection will keep the external bodywork free from discolouration and fading, whilst also protecting internal furnishings from the fading effects of the sun.

Using a weather resistant breathable cover will also protect against snow, dust, bird lime, tree sap, airbourne pollutants and heat build up. Generally, covers should offer all year round protection.

Additional Features

Sizes may vary, and you will need to know the make/model and dimensions of your caravan or motorhome to ensure you buy the correct fitting. Some covers are adjustable and others offer a universal fit. It’s best to discuss this with the sales person before purchasing, an important tip is to always measure taking into account any bike racks or other external fittings to your caravan or motor home.

Some covers will have reinforced corners for extra strength when fitting, and zippers can be useful for quick access to the door without having to remove the whole cover. It’s also worth looking out for non abrasive covers to protect the paintwork when fitting and removing.

Usually your cover will be secured with straps which pass under the vehicle, and if you opt for a lightweight cover fitting will be much easier to handle.


Some useful features to consider are:

  • Non abrasive – to protect paintwork.
  • Lightweight – for easy fitting and storage.
  • Waterproof – protects against severe weather.
  • Extended UV protection – to prevent fading inside and out.
  • Breathable – lets moisture escape.
  • Finish –  consider for minimal visual impact.
  • Corner Zips – for ease of fitting and easy access to caravan door.
  • Quick Release Buckles – for easy installation and removal.
  • Storage Bag – for convenience and safe keeping.


If you’re thinking about keeping your caravan or motorhome safe and sound, then protecting it with a good quality cover is essential.

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Article by Simon Lucas

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