Canoe and Kayak Holidays



If you are looking for a cheap but rewarding holiday then it is worth considering spending some time on one of the many rivers in the UK.

There are plenty of well documented routes with varying degrees of difficulty. For those wishing to buy Canoes and Kayaks then the expense is going to be considerably more, but hopefully the money will be well spent if the boats are well looked after and used at least once or twice a year.

Hiring A Canoe or Kayak

The reality is, many people will be looking to rent, especially if it’s a one off holiday. There are many hire companies who cater for this market and they are often located near to river canoe routes.

A hire company will sometimes drop you off at the start and pick you up later, along with the canoes. There is usually an additional price for this but if you are canoeing in a large group this can be spread evenly.

You will be given some guidance on the trip and offered safety advice. You will also be provided with life jackets which are essential as rivers can be extremely dangerous even when the water level is low.

Choosing A Good Route

Rivers run throughout the length and breadth of Britain, and some are more suitable for canoeing than others.

One of the more popular rivers for canoeing is the River Wye. This offer very little in the way of motor boats and is a meandering gentle river with a few rapids and various other features such as an ox bow lake at Symonds Yat.

Many hire companies exist along the River Wye, but there are also places where you can purchase canoes and kayaks. One of the benefits of canoeing on the Wye is the many pubs and inns where you can moor up and buy a beer and maybe have a meal.

Types Of Canoe

Canoes have been in existence for thousands of years and they have been honed into generally two categories, the open canoe and the enclosed canoe or kayak usually with spray deck.

An open canoe is useful for seating several people and is more difficult to capsize. They offer plenty of space and are easy to canoe long distances, especially when there are two or more paddling.

The enclosed canoe or kayak is usually more popular with canoeists who want to be a little bit daring, such as attempting white water rapids, or tricks such as rolls. The sprat decks keep the canoeist dry when performing rolls and dives.


Canoes and kayaks consist of a bow, stern, hull and keel. Most boats are constructed of waterproofed canvas, aluminium or fiberglass which all offer strength and are resistant to water.

If you are looking to purchase a canoe or kayak then it is worth looking out for a Canoes Kayak Clearance Sale as this is an excellent opportunity to pick up a bargain and you’ll soon be heading out on a river near you.

Article by Simon Lucas

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