Camping Chairs And Tables

camping chair

camping chair

Camping is a popular pastime in the UK and one of the hardest things which campers find when away on holiday, is a longing for some home comforts. Even something as simple as a chair or table can be frustrating and having to make use of the space inside a caravan is extremely challenging at times.

For this reason, camping furniture is a popular choice and campers and caravan enthusiast often invest in these camping accessories. Items like trestle tables and camping chairs can be valuable additions to any camping holiday. They provide extra space and can be stored away easily.

Trestle tables

Trestle tables can be packed up easily. They are usually fold-up and can be dismantled for easy storage and carrying.

This type of table is often popular with campers, market traders and anyone who wants to set up a stall quickly. They are ideal for displaying goods, or preparing food or even for keeping children happy when on holiday, they are great for games use.

Most trestle tables are made of lightweight materials such as plastic and aluminium tubing.

Folding Tables

Folding tables are also multi-use but they tend to be more useful id you want something to set up very quickly.

Their folding ability makes them idea to carry and store and set up in an instant, so caravan enthusiasts and campers prefer this type of table when in need of additional space.

The great thing about a folding table is that it offers a strong rigid surface for preparing and eating food, and this can be worthwhile is you’re camping outdoors, folding tables, similar to trestle tables are easy to wipe clean.

Camping Chairs

Camping chairs are useful for fishing, caravanning, camping, beach days, hunting, festivals and other popular outdoor activities and pursuits.

Camping chairs are nearly always fold-up, and are designed to offer provide support to the neck and back. Some camping chairs have free-form seat designs which help to tackle pressure points and provide a relaxed, reclined position when sitting outdoors for long periods of time.

The chair fabric is either padded for comfort, or it sometimes made of a mesh material which allows the fabric to breathe which is important for use in warm conditions. If you’re lucky, your camping chair will have a drink holder or holders which can provide that extra luxury when in need of a drink (finding somewhere to place your cup or mug is not easy outdoors).

Chairs used for camping are usually lightweight and made of a polyester fabric and a metal frame. This makes it easy to open and close, it will also offer durability against exposure to the elements. Some chairs arrive with carry bag and plastic feet to prevent the camping chair from embedding in the soft ground.

These luxury items such as camping tables, camping chairs and other caravanning accessories can be found in most camping equipment stores and they can make a good holiday that little bit more special and relaxed.

Article by Simon Lucas

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