Camping and Caravan Accessories

kitchen stand

kitchen stand

Many people enjoy the great outdoors, whether it be in Britain, Europe or further afield. The temptation to pack up the car or caravan and head off on the road is sometimes hard to ignore.

If you’re going camping or on holiday in your caravan, then it is most likely you’ll want to think about caravan accessories or camping accessories. Such items can add a bit of luxury to your trip away and one of the more popular items to buy for camping and caravanning is camping furniture.


Camping furniture can come in various types, from chairs to tables, portable kitchens to inflatable sofas, it’s all useful to the mobile holiday maker.

Chairs and tables usually fold up and are lightweight. This means they are extremely portable and can be stored easily.

Portable kitchens can help with making food more enjoyable rather than being cooped up inside. It is an extension of the humble barbeque.

Inflatable furniture also has its place, again very lightweight and portable but also stored into a tiny space so very useful for being on the move.


Caravan and camping accessories range from camping electrics such as fridges, TVs and lighting to awnings adding extra space, covers for protection of your caravan and various other useful items such as portable heaters and torches.

Camping accessories do help in making life a little more pleasant for those who like to head out on the road in search of green fields or the coast in a caravan or with the tent.

Whether it betrestle tables, camping tables or camping chairs the choice is pretty wide to offer additional comfort to weekends away. The problem for most campers is weight and space.

For more information on camping furniture ask your nearest stockist.

Article by Simon Lucas

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