Buying your holiday on a credit card

These days holidays don’t come cheap, whether you are holidaying abroad or at home here in the UK, the expenses soon stack up. You either need to have a good deal of savings or possibly a big enough overdraft, however, for many people buying your holiday on a credit card can be the best way.

The trouble is, it’s not just the cost of flights and accommodation that stack up when you take your vacation. The cost of food and drink and other perks such as day-trips and taxis can be extortionate depending on where you go.

Taking cash is a bit risky and it’s very easy to become a target for theft or robbery even, once that money is gone you won’t ever get it back. Theft can occur when you leave money in what you expect to be a safe place, but thieves always are one step ahead and they will know all the tricks in a foreign country. Cash is also a bit bulky, though you can often barter with cash, but this does take some nerve.

Travellers cheques can be useful but a bit time consuming and awkward, also not everywhere accepts this form of payment, advantages are that a travellers cheque is easy to cancel if lost or stolen.

By far the best method of making payments when abroad is on your credit card, if something goes wrong or you get ripped off you will be in a better position to reclaim that money back and the credit card company, in many cases will fight to reclaim that money on your behalf. This also applies to when you book your holiday, if for some reason the holiday falls through, you will be better protected than if you were to use a debit card and of course cheque or cash even worse.

The advantages of credit cards stretch beyond security issues. They are simple to use, with Visa and Maestro recognised as reliable and trusted payment facilities world-wide. Lightweight and easy to hide on your person or in a hotel room, the humble credit card is the perfect choice when holidaying.

If the worst comes to the worst you can also withdraw money from a cash point, however you will be charged for this facility by the card issuer and it’s not the ideal way to draw out cash when abroad, a debit card is ideal in this scenario but charges can also occur here as well.

The best part about using a credit card to pay for a holiday is that you can pay it back at your leisure. The ideal way is still to save as you will not incur charges or interest, but for many this simply is not a reality, and sometimes a holiday at short notice can be an essential break when stresses of everyday life get a bit too much.

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