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If you love travel, there’s a good chance you will have an interest or even passion in foreign language. The ability to navigate your way around a non-English speaking country requires a little knowledge of the local lingo and whether this be phrases you remember from your high school days, self taught language skills or perhaps through further education and evening classes, being able to speak more than just English could place you in very desirable category of future employees.

Many translation agencies around the world regularly require everything from legal translations, to police interpreters. International organisations, tour operators, tourism departments, holiday companies large international logistic companies also make good use and are willing to pay for translators.

Translation agencies, offer professional and accurate language solutions to businesses from all sectors. They will offer a full range of language services and use the latest technology to deliver a one-stop-shop across all media including technical translation services.

Areas of work a translator could be asked to work in include, medical translations, legal translations, and any other interpreting services in over 150 languages.


Language Specialists will often be employed by companies as their own specialists, or as in-house translators, maybe as technical advisors and project managers, these posts can command very attractive wages and come with good company benefits and perks.

There are a few key professional bodies including the Institute of Translation and Interpreting (ITI) and the Association of Translation Companies (ATC) who help regulate this industry and who would be well appointed to help potential translators find work in the field of translations that suits them best.

If you have a passion in language and linguistics then it really does make sense to at least consider your options in a translations work environment, it could lead to you travelling for your job. Visiting new destinations and exercising your foreign language skills.

If you have some basic foreign language skills, why not consider improving them with a college course or evening course along side your day job while you perfect your skills. There are so many avenues to pursue when it comes to working as a translator and the work could provide you with a truly exciting and dynamic employment opportunity within a diverse travel environment.

Article by Simon Lucas.

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