Beautiful Bournemouth

Bournemouth by Saphirai (flickr)

Bournemouth by Saphirai (flickr)

Beautiful Bournemouth is great for all ages

Bournemouth is a relatively new part of established England: it was started in the 1800s as an attractive sea-side resort town, and today it thrives on that reputation with sun, sand and surf in plentiful supply. With plenty to see and do in Bournemouth, and temperatures that soar through the mid-twenties in summer, it’s no wonder that this resort attracts visitors from 9 to 90!

Go surfing

The first thing you need to do when you get to the stunning broad sand beaches of Bournemouth is to find a wetsuit and grab a board. Take advantage of the swell and learn how to surf under the expert tuition of a finely-toned local surfer. The oldest surfer recorded was 94, so there’s no age limit on this fun activity – and it’s ideal for men and women alike. Take it as slow as you want, or hop up on that board within minutes… it’s up to you. Plus, with added changing cubicles on the beach front and many other watersport activities available,  there’s plenty to see and do to fill your days! With fabulous sea-side accommodation and a great beach, there’s no stopping you now.

Enjoy long walks on the beach with a pier-to-pier stroll

Bournemouth is famous for its piers, so start off your stroll at Bournemouth Pier where you’ll find restaurants, a theatre and a handful of attractive boutique-style shops. After perusing the local area, stroll along the promenade towards Boscombe Pier and be sure to stop off at a local café to pick up a pina colada and embrace beach living. There are many attractions along the promenade and you can enjoy fine food sampling, market shopping and local museums and gardens. A slight detour off the paved track will lead you into Bournemouth’s dance centres, exhibition and festival centres, or can take you onto the beach where you’ll find British Beach Huts or one of Bournemouth’s famous Beach Pods.

“Swim with the fishes”

Or more accurately, swim with the fish. Bournemouth bathing waters are popular with locals and tourists alike and offer warmer climes than you’ll find elsewhere in England. If you don’t feel like a dip in the surf, why not visit the Oceanarium instead where you’ll find Bournemouth’s famous aquarium which houses stingrays, sharks, sea turtles and more. Getting up-close and personal with the local sea-life is a must when visiting this seaside resort!

Spoil yourself with a seaside villa

With all of this and more on offer at Bournemouth it’s no surprise that visitors don’t want to leave. Spoil yourself with an extended stay in a seaside villa and enjoy cocktails on the broad beach. There are plenty of houses in Bournemouth for sale too, so if you’ve got a nest egg saved for a holiday home then Bournemouth makes an excellent investment opportunity. Spoil yourself with a seaside villa nestled along Bournemouth’s attractive 7-mile stretch of golden beaches and you’ll wake up with the world at your feet every morning.

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