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7 Exciting Cabins to Stay on a Short Break in Herefordshire

Whether it’s a long holiday or a short weekend break, staying in a cabin or a Shepherd’s hut could bring a new exciting adventure into your well deserved break. Most of us would have lost count of how many times we stayed in a rented holiday flat, house or even a beach apartment. But very […]

Aurora Estate

During the past year Aurora Estates’ entrepreneurs Heidi and Sirly have fought their way through the covid-19 pandemic, with hard and persistent work. They have worked long hours and supported each other through hard and sometimes even desperate times. In the middle of all of this they have both established their own new company and […]

The Canals of Birmingham

The Birmingham canals have evolved from their role as the beating heart of the industrial revolution to be a charming hub of culture and relaxation for all the family. Birmingham canals remain a central point of the city and it’s no wonder that locals often proudly boast Birmingham ‘to have more canals than Venice’. With […]

Boston BY Thomas Crawford

As one of the older cities in the US, Boston has a much more traditionally British and classical feel to it, with fewer steel and glass buildings dominating its downtown and port than other newer American cities. As the largest city in New England, its ties back to the old one are traced back to […]

Calgary, Banff and Jasper

Heading West If you ever find yourself heading west in Canada, you’ll likely find yourself stopping in Calgary. The largest city in the province of Alberta with 1.4 million residents, it traces its origins back to a fort built as a focal point for the growing ranching industry. This can still be enjoyed today through […]

Montreal an eclectic blend of European and American

Situated on the St. Lawrence River in the province of Quebec, Montreal is a city that may not immediately jump out at a traveller to North America. However, it has many features that make it a must for a trip across the pond. It is easily accessible both from major hubs including New York, Boston […]

‘Study Break’ in Edinburgh‘Study Break’ in Edinburgh

With exams quickly approaching and deadlines looming I decided to quickly and effectively solve all my problems by doing the responsible thing: going on a study break. Why Scotland? It is a well known fact that Scottish weather is ‘freezing’ at best, and it does take a few hours to get on the train. But, […]

Backpacking for a week in Italy on a very tight budget

Have you always wanted to visit sunny Italy but you have sadly being put off by the staggering prices that characterise the Italian main cities during most of the year? Say no more, because below you will find how to travel to the country with the most charming accent in the world for around £350 […]

Czech Republic: Prague visitor review by Isabelle Jones

One of the first things that I was told as I stepped on to the bus after a short plane ride to Prague was that ‘the beer is cheaper than water over here. It’s a student paradise.’ Whilst they were not wrong- a bottle of water costs roughly £1, whereas the cheapest brand of beer […]

A Weekend in Copenhagen

Copenhagen is the capital city of Denmark and sits very close to the Swedish border, which is accessible by road and rail via the Øresund Bridge. Most people from the UK will fly direct to Copenhagen. From Birmingham the flight is around 1 hour 45 minutes, and then a train to the city centre is […]