Accommodation in Herefordshire

Saracens Head Inn

Saracens Head Inn

Herefordshire straddles the border between England and Wales and has a low population density of aroundĀ 180,000 people for the whole county.

It exists as one of the most rural counties in England, and as such, offers stunning scenery which consists of rolling wooded hills, farm land and the beautiful River Wye.

Where to Stay?

Herefordshire Accommodation is made up of hotels, bed and breakfasts, guest houses, inns and camping/caravan sites. There is a good choice of accommodation in Herefordshire which allows tourists the opportunity to explore the county while on holiday or on a weekend break.

Hereford City has many hotels and guest houses, with the advantage of being close to the magnificent Cathedral. But for those wishing to experience the true rural Herefordshire, a stay in the countryside will offer everything from gentle walks, to outdoor pursuits.

Symonds Yat

Symonds Yat Sunset

Symonds Yat Sunset

A great area to explore is Symonds Yat. The hamlet is split in two by the meandering River Wye. Here the ox-bow of the river skirts around Gloucestershire’s Royal Forest of Dean and into the Wye Valley which cuts effortlessly through the heart of Herefordshire.

Symonds Yat is popular for rock climbing, canoeing, kayaking, hiking, mountain biking fishing and walking, not to mention bird watching from Yat Rock.

There are several guest houses, b&bs and hotels here such as the Saracens Head Inn which sits next to the rambling River with views of the rapids down stream.

Ross On Wye

Ross On Wye is situated near to both Symonds Yat and the city of Hereford. It is a popular tourist town with plenty of affordable accommodation such as the Royal Hotel or the Chase Hotel.

Ross sits above the River Wye and offers quaint antique shops and has a generally laid back atmosphere. It is visible from the A40 dual carriageway and appears fromĀ the main road as a picturesque, picture postcard town, with church surrounded by ancient buildings and the river far below.

From Ross, holiday makers have the option of exploring deepest Herefordshire, Gloucestershire and even Monmouthshire is only a ten minute drive away.

Famous Herefordshire

The county is steeped in history and is well known around the world for its ‘Hereford Bull’. Farming in Herefordshire is not just limited to livestock, the county is also famous for its cider with brands such as Bulmers and Westons having strong roots within the area, both brands still produce cider today from Herefordshire apples.

Because of the areas remote nature, and its location next to the even more remote Welsh borders, the military carry out maneuvers here, and the county is famous for the SAS who sometimes train around the valleys.

Possibly the most notable feature of Herefordshire though is the River Wye. It is a popular river for fishing and there are several fishing clubs who offer permits to fish in various areas of outstanding natural beauty.

The river is also used by canoeists and rowers. In some parts, such as Symonds Yat, there are boat tours which ferry holiday makers up and down the river.

If you do visit Herefordshire, you will not be disappointed, you will find various places listed as “accommodation Herefordshire” when looking to holiday in the county. Some of the areas mentioned above are very popular in peak season and it is worth calling ahead to check availability.

For more information on what to do in Symonds Yat visit the Saracens Head Inn Discover page.

Article by Simon Lucas.

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