A Scottish Highland Road Trip

The Kyle of Tongue

The Kyle of Tongue

Last September a friend and I decided to partake in the Loch Ness Marathon. We thought it would also be a great idea to see a bit of the Scottish Highlands after the run.

The race was finished and we spent a day relaxing around the quaint town of Inverness, with the river and castle perched up high above the town, but we really wanted to see what existed beyond in the highlands.

The route up north from Inverness starts to become more mountainous and remote, we passed the Cairngorms but didn’t stop, the journey by car took us further into Highland territory. Our destination was a tiny little village in the centre of the north Scottish coast named The Kyle of Tongue. To reach this village you take a single track road which last for 40 miles, weaving in and out of lochs with impressive mountains and tundra, it really does feel like you are stepping back in time as there are few houses.

Tongue is a beautiful little place, with a small castle, a post office, two hotels and a B&B, but not much else other than astounding natural beauty. You will find Ben Loyal mountain as a back drop.

Sunset over Tongue

Sunset over Tongue

The next day we continued along the north west coast road which winds and weaves up and down, in between mountain passes, down to coastal fishing villages, alongside lochs and really, it is not for the faint hearted, you will need a reliable car and some solid tyres to ensure you grip the tight bends, I made sure I invested in some new tyres from Tyre Shoppper which I had fitted at National.co.uk before we set out in England.

The roads do test your driving shills, but for those who love road trips, this is the ultimate journey, the north west Scottish coast will not disappoint.

Be aware also, that fuel stations are very few and far between and any opportunity you can, one must always fill up the tank as you never know when the next stop will be and that is if it is open.

We descended the Highlands into Ullapool, but we did not have time to stay, our journey continued back to Loch Ness cross country, you can take a scenic route, and our final destination was a campsite by Loch Eil with the most awesome views of the loch and steam train which passes the campsite and loch every day, everyone in the UK should explore more of Scotland given the opportunity as it has so much to offer, quiet well kept roads, stunning scenery and friendly locals.

Article by Simon Lucas

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