A Guide to Winter Cruise Deals

Family Friendly Cruises

Family Friendly Cruises

Most people do not think about cruise holidays during the fall or winter. But, in fact, that is the best time to start searching for winter cruise deals.

Book Early or Book Late

When considering a cruise holiday, there are two options for the best deals out there; either book months in advance or at the very last minute. Both of these methods will be sure to get you the best deals available.

If you prefer to book early, then take note that many cruise lines will actually credit you the difference if the price continues to drop later in the year. And while it certainly is a risky proposition, booking at the last minute allows would-be travellers to secure some amazing discounts on winter cruises to hot destinations.

Cruise to Tropical Climates

Cruise to Tropical Climates

Pay Attention to Dates

You might not realise it, but from Thanksgiving through to February, the prices of cruises can vary dramatically depending on the dates. So while you and your family might love the idea of a Caribbean cruise holiday over Christmas, you must be prepared to pay.

However, if you are willing to be flexible you can adjust the dates of your cruise by as little as a week, which will help you to make a huge saving. This is going to be especially true for those cruises that will originate out of the US, as prices in the winter will always be far more expensive during Thanksgiving in November, Christmas in December and in the children’s February school holiday.

Cruise and Stay

Another great tip for securing winter cruise deals is to book a cruise and stay. Usually, many travel and tour operators will offer steep discounts for those who are willing to book package deals. Booking a package deal will offer you the best of both worlds, as part of your time will be on the ship, and the rest on land, offering a bit more variety for everyone.

Once you employ some of these tips in your next cruise holiday search, you will see that it can be quite easy to save money on a luxury winter cruise and really escape from those bleak UK winters.

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