6 Reasons for Buying Caravan Insurance

Insure Your Pride and Joy

Insure Your Pride and Joy

If you are considering going on a caravan holiday in 2013, then it might be a good idea to get caravan insurance before travelling to your destination. Getting insurance for your caravan is the same process as obtaining cover for a car, in that you can obtain both online from reputable insurance companies.

Although it’s not compulsory that owners have insurance for their caravan in the UK. However, neither is travel insurance, but yet most of us make it compulsory before travelling to our favourite destination each year. That is why more and more people are now choosing to insure their caravan, even though there is no legal requirement, unlike cars or motorbike and other motor vehicles, which require the owners to be insured.

Having your caravan insurance policy offers many benefits apart from the peace of mind you get from knowing that you have insurance, should in case you have an accident in your touring caravan. Some of these benefits include 365 days of European cover and for us Brits that may mean the temptation to venture to other European countries, as a trip to neighbouring France would be covered under your policy. and not forgetting breakdown cover(just in case you breakdown in the middle of nowhere).

There are many insurance companies offering caravan insurance and claiming to have the best policy for your requirements, but I would tell you not to waste your time and go with a trusted insurance company that specialises in leisure and camping insurance. One such company is Shield Total Insurance and I personally got a great deal with my caravan insurance cover with their touring caravan insurance cover. My touring caravan insurance policy with Shield Insurance has European cover, breakdown cover and all my personal belongings are protected.

The top 6 reason for caravan insurance are:

  • 1. A caravan insurance policy protects you against most accidental damages.
  • 2. Most caravan insurance policy will cover you for theft of your touring caravan.
  • 3. Caravan insurance cover should normally protect your personal belongings.
  • 4. Caravan insurance can provide protection against vandalism.
  • 5. Most reputable insurers have policies that cover public liability and personal accident.
  • 6. A caravan insurance policy may protect your personal belongings, depending on your insurer.
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