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How To Holiday On The Cheap

The sluggish UK economy and high unemployment are forcing many Brits to rein in their spending. However, holidays are ring fenced. There is no way you are going to get the average Briton to give up their annual family holiday, however hard you try and whatever financial crises you throw at them. You can affect […]

Bed & Breakfast in The Wye Valley

The Wye Valley is, in parts, an AONB (Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty) and is a popular tourist destination. In fact, The Wye Valley was one of the first areas which gave rise to the UK tourist industry during the Victorian era, with tourist handbooks and quaint and accessible rail journeys from all over Britain. […]

Down Sleeping Bags

If you’re looking to buy a sleeping bag which is lightweight then there are a few things to consider before you start browsing online or through your local camping equipment store. For serious campers who like to take some of the more challenging treks in harsher conditions, a down filled bag is the best lightweight […]

Caravan Awnings

If you love caravanning but you get tired of the limited amount of space inside your caravan, motor-home or camper-van then fear not, a caravan awning will help the space hungry camper to maximise space. Caravan awnings vary in cost but you can expect to pay at least £300 for a good one. Caravan awnings […]